Public Administration in China's Transitional Period and the Analysis of Its Reform

Lihui Cai


China is undergoing change from a traditional planned economy to a socialist market economy. In this transitional period, China faces the task of reforming and innovating the function of public administration, a task common throughout the world. In order to improve the effectiveness, the accountability, and the quality of service of China's public administration, a number of issues must be discussed. These issues include: the status of China's market economic system and its requirements in the area of public administration; the inner conflicet between the development of China's economic system and the currrent public administrtion; and the overall reform of China's administration of the public sector (the competence of the government, governmental institutions, the personnel system and the legal system). Furthermore, this paper puts forward the notion that China's public administration reform should center on reinventing government by developing democratic institutions and transforming the function of government - particularly in the areas of the legal system and access to information and information technology.

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