Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Advancing Studies of Nonprofit Organizations in China

Huafang Li, Bin Chen


This symposium is a collection of articles that showcases how to improve research on Chinese NPOs. We include articles that incorporate new theoretical frameworks and empirical analyses, and that draw upon novel data, such as the Research Infrastructure of Chinese Foundations (RICF). These articles provide important insights into addressing the main challenges of studying China’s NPOs – the lack of a managerial focus, and sparse empirical data which has resulted in very few research strategies. The articles in this symposium illustrate how empirical studies and increased focus on managerial issues could contribute to improving research on Chinese NPOs and help address questions of general concern in public administration.

本期专刊集合了数篇文章以展示如何推进中国非盈利组织研究。我们所选的文章涵盖了新的理论框架、实证研究、以及基于最新数据的研究,例如中国基金会研究基础数据库 (RICF)。这些文章为解决研究中国非盈利组织带来的挑战提供了重要的洞见——包括对组织管理关注的缺失和因实证数据稀缺导致的近乎单一的研究策略。本期专刊中的文章具体展现了实证研究以及对管理问题的关注对中国非盈利组织研究的贡献及其如何解决公共行政领域的重要问题。

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22140/cpar.v9i1.172


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