Aspects of citizen-public services relationships: The case of Greece

Nikos Michalopoulos


A number of governments, falling along a range of political pursuations, are pursuing service quality initiatives. A focus on service quality is part of the general direction of public sector management reform. Quality policies are responsive to economic progresss and social needs. Although service quality is affected by many things, citizen-publc service relationships are fundamental. The social need for a modernized Greek public administration has been posed many times. Public polices seeking to reform public administrtion in Greece have been designed with a particular emphasis on the complex policy space of the relationships between state services and the citizens. Using the New Public Management as a theoretical framework, this paper examines critically how these relationships have been organized. Methodologically, the paper is based on the content analysis of relevant official reports, documents and administrative archives. The paper reveals that the discussion of this reform, the measures adopted and the reforms themselves are often recycled.

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