European Approaches to MPA Education: Convergence and Divergence

Shufeng Yan, Marleen Brans



This paper sheds lights on the experiences of MPA education in Europe concerning its key characteristics, major approaches, and the extent of convergence and divergence in the areas of MPA teaching, research and international cooperation. In a broad perspective, it gives an overview of the development of the European MPA education in the context of globalization and Europeanization for the past 15 years. Specifically, it takes University of Leuven the "European Masters of Public Administration" program as a case study. It mainly argues that there is a strengthening and convergent need and trend of international cooperation of MPA education not only among European universities but also with universities beyond the border of Europe. Despite the convergent priority of internationalization, the divergent approaches to MPA education under the different administrative cultures and financial situations pose challenges to the international cooperation of MPA education.

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