A Critique of the Local Poverty Diagnosis and Planning System

Victoria A. Bautista


The paper discusses the strengths of the Local Poverty Indicator Monitoring System (LPIMS) Guidebook which was advocated as a platform in formulating local poverty reduction action plan for local government units (LGUs) in the Philippines. The strengths of the LPIMS Guidebook include: (1) the formulation of a rational plan by the LGUs through the use of the set of indicators, (2) ; the application of convergence principle as local government executive officials, local legislative officials, technical staff of different sectors from the local government and the national government, community volunteers, people, organization groups and marginalized groups are represented in the local planning committee; (3) enabling local government units to identify relevant projects on the basis of the indicators; (4) identification of local capabilities through self-reflection process that could respond to the unmet needs; (5) identification of various resources that could support local government unit initiatives; and, (6) the importance of linking poverty alleviation with the comprehensive development plan.

Weaknesses identified with respect to the Guidebook include: (1) lack of emphasis on community mobilization, (2) emphasis on municipal-level planning instead of the lowest level of the barangay; and (3) failure to provide strategies on how to implement focused targeting of individuals and families at the barangay level. Recommendations to enhance the utilization of LPIMS include: emphasis on barangay-level planning for poverty alleviation, community mobilization, implementation of focused targeting of individuals and families using indicators, the need to formulate basic needs for facilities to match basic needs for services, training of local officials on LPIMS, and the use of poverty indicators in allocating resources.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22140/cpar.v3i3/4.59


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