Three Waves of Public Administration Education in China: The Human Resource Development Perspective

Yongfei Zhao


Based on changing social and political trends, the history of the evolvement of public administration education in China is divided into two waves: the initial western-style practice in the first half of the 20th century and the socialist alteration after the Cultural Revolution in the PRC. This study, examines the two waves, focusing on the changes in structures and backgrounds of university faculty in the second wave. A series of in-depth interviews with leading professors at top Chinese public administration schools are used to explore the answer to the question: What is the current situation of human resource development in China’s public administration education? Furthermore, future development strategies are proposed and projected, as the third wave, from the perspective of students studying abroad. The findings of this study indicate that the current development of Chinese public administration schools is healthy and promising. However, further efforts are still needed for future development.

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