Motivation absorbs Magnitude: An Analysis of Health Care Service of KUMBH MELA

Vinay Sharma


This paper highlights the levels of commitment, purposefulness, transparency, efficiency, effective administration and good governance in the delivery of Health Care Services observed and experienced at the largest ever gathering of humans (30 million people on 24th January 2001 on the occasion of MauniAmavasya) at one single place of a 3000 acre temporary township since the inception of Human race on our planet Earth. This occasion was KUMBH MELA in the year 2001 wherein 70 million people congregated over a period of few weeks. During thisAllahabad (the city where Kumbh was organized) turned into the most densely populated city in the world. (For detailed description of KUMBH and the legend behind please refer to supplementary notes at the end of the paper titled KUMBH MELAa story). The paper tries to analyse the factors behind the successful administration and management of the Health Care Services provided during this period. Though the author himself closely observed the situation by staying there at the location and throughout otherwise wherein he could find the methodology, but answers to few questions still remain to be debated and analysed and one of the major question is that what propels people to manage and execute tasks so precisely despite of the magnitude and high constraints associated with such tasks? The felt and understood answer is ‘Motivation absorbs Magnitude’ but the question is How one gets so much motivated? For example, Dr. G.R.Sharma, Additional Director of Medical and Health Care Services of the Allahabad Region who headed the team of Health Care Services at the time of this unheard congregation of Human Beings on this Earth had to retire from his services just after this occasion and serving the State Medical and Health Care Services for 30 odd years as a Medical Doctor and an Administrator, he very well understood the nuances of taking such a task at hand. Taking responsibilities and then accomplishing those has a passage of extreme concentration, commitment and conviction in between.

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