Improving Public Service Delivery in Qingdao Municipality of Shandong Province

Cui Jing


This paper will assess the effectiveness of the reform of improving public service delivery and identify the factors responsible for the improvements in public service delivery in Qingdao municipality of Shandong province in the People’s Republic of China. This paper begins with a description of the policy context and discusses how the policy context affects the improvement of public service delivery in Qingdao municipality. It then discusses the efforts of improving the delivery of public service through enhancing human service delivery, reforming the administrative approval system and increasing government transparency and public participation in Qingdao municipality. Finally, this paper will identify the factors affecting the improvement of public service delivery in Qingdao municipality in terms of the decentralization of economic management, tax profit sharing with the local government, political control, the delegation of law-making and the local leadership.

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